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Two years of training the next generation

Land Rover BAR began its mission to help train the next generation two years ago, when the very first work experience volunteer stepped across the threshold of the temporary office in Whiteley. Since then, 28 interns, 77 work experience students and 8 apprentices have spent time with the team, and five of them tell their stories below; Josh Bell, Charlie Quigley, Nathaniel Pankhurst, Casper Vertregt and Jack Hopkins.

In charge of the programme was Human Resources Manager Joanna Despard. 

“We went to each Land Rover BAR Head of Department (HoD) and said, ‘Right, what do you need?’. What do you want them to do? What skills do they need?’ We then forged ahead to find the right candidates. We mainly recruited locally. However, we also required very specific skills sets so they were not all local. Some came from abroad or different parts of the country. 

“We couldn't take anyone on until we moved to the base in Portsmouth, so we had our first intern in June 2015, and overall, we achieved 28 interns up to June 2017 exceeding our target of 20. All our interns were paid, and provided with free lunch and breakfast. And most importantly they were given live projects. They weren’t given the filing admin roles, they were put in at the deep end helping the team push forward. Towards the end of the two-year Cup cycle, some of the positions were extended and we kept them on for the whole year in full time employment. 

“We could be flexible enough to be able to offer that, whereas I don't think some of the bigger companies can. If we found someone that was good, we wanted to keep them because we’d invested the time and energy in them.

“In the broader context of the apprenticeship and the work experience programmes we’ve also been very successful. We had the apprentices at Southampton City College build two docking RIBs for the team , and the team had eight apprentices working and training here (including one in accounts, Ozge Gunver; in events and marketing, Sophie Hall; and in electronics, Lloyd Woodhouse.

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