Land Rover BAR Academy Kick Off in Act 4 Hamburg, Germany


Day 2, Act 4 Extreme Sailing Series, Hamburg

Day two of Act 4 of the Extreme Sailing Series dawned in Hamburg, Germany with a good breeze and sunshine. The crowds along the River Elbe were treated to seven races which were sailed in six to twelve knots of wind. Land Rover BAR Academy used the experiences of day one to post results of 4th, 6th, 7th, 7th, 7th, 7th and 3rd during day two leaving the team 7th overall in Act 4.

Skipper Neil Hunter said “today was another tough day but we came back today and really put in some good performances, especially in the last race where we led for about two laps before finishing third. We are a new team so we are still improving our teamwork but we worked well as a unit today for some good results against some high quality teams”.

Float Adam Kay continued “our boat handling was really good today, I can’t remember a manoeuvre which we messed up. This is a lot down to the hard work and preparation that we have been putting in with our call book, our coach and on the water. Although with the wind patchy and shifty, the starts were so important. If you had a good start you had a lot more options open to you”

Racing continues on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st July.


Day 1, Act 4 Extreme Sailing Series, Hamburg

Land Rover BAR Academy headed to Hamburg, Germany for Act 4 of the Extreme Sailing Series. Day one dawned with fickle breeze and very strong tides in the deep shipping waters of the River Elbe. Only two races were possible during the day, with a third race abandoned half way through. The team had a tough day counting two sevenths, leaving them seventh overall. The day was a very tough which made quick thinking diificult; gaining decisions were hard to find and bad decisions were exaggerated in the strong tide.

Helming in his first full Act, Owen Bowerman commented “today was an incredibly hard day and main focus was decision making. We made a few good calls and made some big gains but slipped up a couple of times as well at crucial times. We will go back, debrief and make sure that we are learning from these experiences”.

Mainsheet trimmer Will Alloway continued “today was a big learning curve but the second two races we really pulled our decision making together. We are coming together as a team and our aim for this event is to continue building our relationships up throughout the boat”.

Racing continues Friday 29th July – Sunday 31st July.

Results after Day 2 

  1. Oman Air, 99 points
  2. Alinghi, 87 points
  3. SAP Extreme Sailing Team, 86 points
  4. CHINA One, 82, points
  5. Red Bull Sailing Team, 82, points
  6. Sail Portugal, 69 points
  7. Land Rover BAR Academy, 62 points

Land Rover BAR Academy Crew:

William Alloway, 20, Leicester
Rob Bunce 22, Swindon
Owen Bowerman, 19, Portsmouth
Oli Greber, 20, Eastbourne
Neil Hunter, 21, Irvine, Scotland
Adam Kay, 20, Southampton
Elliot Hanson, 22, Macclesfield