• "We are committed to becoming the most sustainable sports team we can be "

    Sports teams represent key role models in society. This privileged position is not taken for granted at Land Rover BAR. We believe our influence should extend far beyond the race course. There is an opportunity for all sports teams to become truly sustainable businesses. We plan to lead the way by educating and inspiring younger generations, who will then drive sustainability forward instinctively.

Driving Innovation

  • At Land Rover BAR, we will use our position at the leading edge of high performance sport to drive innovation towards a sustainable economy. The team will invest in using its technology, engineering and innovation skills to find solutions for long-term issues in sustainability.

    These are some of the areas where we are driving innovation

    • The testing and analysis of recycled and recyclable composites
    • Investigating fuel-efficient power boat design
    • Using experience from other industries to enable a reuse and recycling future for our race and support boats – our Title and Exclusive Innovation Partner Land Rover ensures that 85% of their cars are designed to be fully recycled at the end of their life

Smarter Futures

  • We were the first British sports team to be awarded the Olympic-inspired ISO 20121, which provides a management framework to Land Rover BAR to guide our use of resources and the impact we have on our environment and its ecology. By ‘walking the walk’ we will inspire other sports teams to follow in our footsteps and create smarter futures for us all.

    These are just some of the ways in which we are building a smarter future:

    • All our electricity is from renewable resources, generating solar power from all available roof space and using renewable energy for our remaining needs
    • We aim to send no waste to landfill, working with a local social enterprise company to reuse and recycle
    • We use rainwater capture to satisfy all our external water needs
    • We aim to inspire half of our workforce to travel using sustainable options such as taking the train or cycling to work.
    • We aim to leave a positive impact on local ecology, building an artificial reef to seed the native oyster population and landscaping our home to mimic local shingle habitats

Inspiring Excellence

  • Land Rover BAR want to play a major role in creating an inspirational centre of marine technology, design, engineering and innovation excellence across the Solent. Our aim is that this will one day match Motor Sport Valley.

    These are some of the ways we are inspiring excellence:

    • Our Visitor Centre will be a dynamic, inspirational exhibition to inspire the next generation of scientists, mathematicians and engineers through sport, and provide education on preserving our environment
    • We will provide work placements, internships, apprenticeships and training programmes – 80 apprentices have already worked on our two Docking RIBs through Southampton City College
    • We aim to have 80% of our suppliers located within the Solent region and through our sustainable Procurement Code and Food Charter, we want to inspire the region’s industry to excellence


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