Land Rover BAR Technical Innovation Group

Land Rover BAR will use the best in British design, technology and innovation to bring the America's Cup home. It's the oldest international trophy in sport, it started here, and Britain has never won it.

The Land Rover BAR Technical Innovation Group (TIG) will bring together British industry to contribute to this unique technical and sporting challenge.

Land Rover BAR has a core of technical, design and engineering knowledge – but the broad sweep of modern scientific and technological advancement means that there will always be opportunities that lie outside our main areas of expertise.

The task of the TIG is to find and apply these technologies, and develop them to provide a race winning edge to the team. The TIG will complement the existing design team with an external, world-class, multidisciplinary research and development group. It will allow the team to rapidly develop, prove and put new technologies into the field.

The TIG is the first step towards Land Rover BAR's aspiration to develop a world-leading capability in advanced technology, enabling Land Rover BAR and participating companies to exploit their contributions in the wider marketplace.