Top 15 Best Deep Cycle Marine Battery Reviews With Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Deep Cycle Marine Battery Reviews

A new year is always the best excuse you can have to follow new adventures, and navigating the sea is probably one of the most satisfying experiences anyone can have. It definitely provides awesome quality time for you and everyone involved.
No doubt, preparation is everything when it comes to navigating. Having the best deep cycle marine battery is undoubtedly the most important thing you should keep in mind while ordering your supplies.
After all, you will be there out in the open, and the only thing you can rely on to keep you afloat is your boat's optimum functionality.
For these reasons, today we’re reviewing the best deep cycle marine batteries available in the market. We will analyze the best features and highlights they have to offer.

15 Best Deep Cycle Marine Battery Reviews

Not sure what type of deep cycle maritime battery you want? Don’t worry! Here, we have a list of the top 15 best-reviewed batteries for your vehicle to use. We will be analyzing the features and characteristics that make these batteries the best to buy.

1.Optima Batteries 8006-006-FFP 34M BlueTop Starting Battery

This model has an optimal multi-purposes feature capable of powering up with 12v. It reaches 800 CCA in many situations. The battery also has thick plastic casing additions, capable of enduring bad weather or conditions.
The thick plastic protects the battery, keeping the vehicle up and running with efficiency and its occupants safe and secured.
It offers fifteen times more resistance to vibrations, allowing the battery to last longer than other models while keeping its integrity at a high performance.

Optima is aware that a constant vibration and jarring from waves could become a threat for any navigating boat and traditional batteries, and they have designed a product capable of tolerating high amounts of vibrations, often more than other brands in the market.

Optima Batteries 8006-006-FFP 34M

Another feature is that this model is lightweight, reaching approximately 39 pounds. It is because of its light weight that the person can transport it very easily and they have the option to replace it anywhere.
Its design uses AGM (absorbent glass mat) technology. The battery requires barely any maintenance procedures at all. To recharge, it takes up to 12 hours and is capable of reserving its energy for a long time.
The Optima Batteries 8006-006 34M also works in highly demanding vehicles like sports boats. This is possible because of the many features available in these models, like its SpiralCell Technology highlight.


  • Can last longer than other batteries
  • SpiralCell Technology performance
  • Efficient and durable
  • A reliable product


  • The battery’s continuous trolling time is lower than other brands

2.Vmaxtanks 125 AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Vmaxtanks Vmaxslr125 AGM Deep Cycle

This is a 12 volt AGM deep cycle battery. Its design has 99 percent of recombination capabilities, providing the customer a battery that does not generate dangerous fumes or gases that could threaten neither the boat’s integrity nor the person’s life.
It has military-grade custom lead plates in its construction, which makes this product highly resistant to temperature and heavy conditions. The rest of the boat’s unities work efficiently with this battery, and it doesn’t have compatibility issues with most boats.
It has a bulky construction that weighs around 74lbs, making it one of the heaviest batteries currently in the market. However, the battery’s functionality and performance truly compensates for its weight.

The battery’s design focuses on delivering a strong endurance product that does not wear down quickly. Talking of lifespan in this battery, the model reaches up to 10 years.
It allows the customer to have a long-lasting product with great efficiency for a long period of time without having to worry about the battery’s functionality.
While using this battery, the vehicles receive AMPs that could reach 125Ah, a goal that not many batteries out there can meet regardless of their type and model.
It is capable of providing energy to electronic systems like boats, house devices, small and big vehicles with consistent power for over 8 hours. The battery is a good provider of energy to most systems that often don’t get enough energy from regular batteries.


  • Reliable and long-lasting qualities
  • Outstanding 125Ah at a 12v power
  • Capable of recharging faster than others
  • A reliable product


  • One of the downsides of this battery is its weight. It could often make the battery an uncomfortable piece to move around and replace

3.Mighty Max ML35-12 Light Trolling Motor Battery

The Mighty Max ML35-12 Light Trolling Motor Battery is a 12Volt battery lead by acid (SLA) with a 35Ah capacity. It is a battery that targets small boats with light-trolling capacities.
This product has a faster application when you need to replace your old and worn down battery. It provides the customer with the right tools to make reparations and get their boat up and running quickly.
Ideally, this model of deep cycle battery is an ideal replacement to your old one. As a customer, you won’t have to worry too much about whether it is compatible with your vehicle or not since it has many applications and it is very easy to install.

One big highlight from this battery is that it works for starting and deep cycling equally, offering many options for the customer when it comes to the uses they might need in the long run.

Light Trolling Motor Battery Sevylor Minn Kota

Its design is spill-proof to keep the battery functioning without any possible risks.

Also, the customer won’t need high technical knowledge to get great results from this battery. It does not require much experience to install, and it does not need a heavy maintenance process.
The battery’s size is another important feature that the customer will quickly notice. Its dimensions are 7.68 inches x 5.16 inches x 7.13 inches, undoubtedly making it one of the most convenient batteries to buy because it won’t be a burden to carry around or to install when you need it.
But do not let the size fool you. The Mighty Max ML35-12 Light Trolling Motor Battery sits on top of the competition being a highly efficient battery. It is capable of maintaining its integrity over time and also offers reliability.


  • Longer durability
  • Its size makes it comfortable to carry
  • Highly recommended for small vehicles


  • Might have efficiency issues with larger boats

4.Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M BlueTop Starting and Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M BlueTop

Optima’s BlueTop battery series offers the customers a great addition to their boats. Not only because of its excellent charging features and recharging methods, but also because of its reliability and overall performance.
But, that does not mean it is only exceptionally good in boats. The BlueTop series also produces batteries capable of working in electronic systems, trolling motors, RVs, and basically any other machine with 12 Volt capacities.

Buying this battery will give you a guarantee efficiency product. It is among the top and most reliable starting and deep cycle batteries in the market, with little to none competition at all.

As mentioned above, this battery works at 12 Volt with 750 Cold Cranking AMPs. This battery is capable of providing energy to boat engines as well as RV motors. The energy it produces can create a first-touch ignition strong enough to get the engine going.
It also has resistance to tough weather conditions. If you decide to go with this battery, you can rely on it to keep your machine running regardless of the temperature in the environment.
The Optima BlueTop D34M Battery is easy to mount basically anywhere without having any concern about its functionality or structure’s integrity. Because of its weight (43.5 pounds) and rather a small size, you could have it as a replacement in your boat without any complication.
It has 120 minutes of reserve capacity that maintains a constant and good performance in the vehicle. Because of its exceptional strength and power charging qualities, the battery turns on almost every engine in a wide variety of vehicles and systems.


  • Works in a wide variety of engines
  • Quality construction design that offers reliability and is long-lasting
  • SpiralCell Technology


  • Other brands have higher durability over time

5.Universal UB121000 Deep Cycle AGM Battery

This model is a 12Volt battery capable of reaching up to 100 Ah. It has SLA/AGM powering features and it counts with a reliable reputation that precedes it by offering customers an overall high-quality battery.
This battery has features that make it a trusty source of powering and outstandingly performance. It is capable of starting up the entire electronic systems your vehicle needs by using steady and sustainable functionality.
It has spill-free qualities and needs no maintenance. Once you successfully install it in your vehicle’s structure, you will not have to fear the battery has a malfunction. It is easy to install and quickly enhances the boat’s functionality.

Universal UB121000-45978 12v 100AH

With this battery, you’re going to get a deep-cycling performance worth its value. Its AGM design delivers consistency and a steady charge as long as the battery is functional, which is up to five years.
It provides a 100Ah capacity that improves the recharging of any engine or electronics your vehicle has. Another one of the highlights from this battery is the fact that it works in highly demanding engines during tough situations.
This battery model is also extremely good when it comes to its recharging. It has durability over time, and can also hold the charge up to six months when it’s not in use. Since it does not require maintenance, you could pick the battery from the garage and install it without any issues.
Overall, you can rely on this deep cycle battery to meet up every expectation you might have. It is affordable for many budgets and it pays off in the long run by providing resistance and good performance.


  • High quality battery model
  • Anti-Spill structure prevents any damaging
  • Provides steady high energy power
  • Retains charger


  • Lifespan is shorter in comparison to other brands

6.VMAX857 AGM Marine Deep Cycle Battery

VMAXTANKS VMAX V35-857 12 Volt 35AH AGM Battery

The most noticeable feature in this deep cycle battery is its heavy-duty design. It is capable of better performance and service lifespan in either float or cyclic applications, even after it suffers many discharges repeatedly during its use.
Like most other deep cycle batteries, this model is a maintenance free product. The customer will not have to check the battery state on a daily basis. It also does not require you to add water to the tank or any of those tasks that the old models of battery needed constantly to keep working.
It shares similarities with other VMAX products. More specifically, it has the unique physical and chemical structure on its plates. VMAX batteries undergo special treatment during the manufacturing process. This process makes the batteries gain strength and better performance than other brands.

The battery’s design counts with Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) between the plates, adding quality to the many physical and electrical advantages this model has over wet lead-acid batteries.
It is because of the manufacturing process that this battery is capable of resisting high shocks and vibrations. The electrolytes in the battery get absorbed by the AGM, classifying the battery as a non-spillable and a non-hazard product.
Tank seals add extra protection to the plates, keeping them packed very tightly and allowing the customer to have a maintenance-free package.
Another important feature to keep in mind from this battery is its durability over time. It is also worth mentioning their capability to recover successfully after repeated deep discharges.
If you decide to go for this model, you can rely on the battery to provide 4 hours of running time in larger engines and 9 hours in smaller trolling motors, reaching from 50 to 60% of discharging depth. It works on 18 to 40 LB trolling motors.


  • Powerful battery
  • No spill offers a maintenance-free battery
  • No chemical hazard to the boat or the occupants
  • Longevity


  • Charging quality is not as efficient as other brands

7.Exide XMC-31 MEGACYCLE AGM-200 Marine Battery

Here we have a battery with a dual terminal design. It reaches 925 CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) at 0 degrees °F and 1110 Cold Cranking Amps at 32 degrees °F. A tough weather won’t be any problem for the engine powering if the customer is using this battery.
With this feature alone, customers are certain their trolling motors will have enough power and efficiency under many different circumstances, making it a strong contestant for the best marine battery spot.
It has an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) separator design that focuses on providing optimal recombination rates. By doing this, the battery prevents cell dry-out and provides superior element compression.

These features reassure the battery’s functionality under extreme vibration and high cycling operations. Like other deep cycle maritime batteries, the Exide XMC-31 has a reserve capacity capable of holding over 200 minutes.

Exide XMC-31 MEGACYCLE AGM-200 Sealed Maintenance Free

Exide Technologies is a company that understands the best navigating experience as an activity without any concerns in mind. So, they offer a battery capable of providing cycling qualities two times better than other brand's batteries.
The battery also offers a vibration resistance over 12 times more than other batteries, and 40 percent greater charge acceptance over conventional 31 series flooded batteries.
This battery can work as a hybrid, making it an available option for starting. It works in many sorts of vehicles, from boats to RVs. However, if the customer decides to buy this battery model, they will need a serious and capable battery charger to get the best out of the Exide battery.
In case the customer needs more than one battery, it’s recommended to buy the batteries with the same manufacturing dates to avoid possible issues with its compatibility.


  • Highly resistance to cold
  • AGM features
  • High reserve capacities


  • Other brands have better charge holding features

8.Optima Batteries 8020-164 35 Redtop Starting Battery

Optima Batteries 8020-164 35 RedTop Starting Battery

This OPT8020-164 battery model from Optima is a 12 Volt battery. It is an outstanding battery capable of generating a high burst of ignition power while retaining enough energy to power up the rest of the marine accessories.
It is a battery with a multi-purpose feature that makes it an ideal for many scenarios you could be involved in. The battery works in many types of machines, and not many other batteries can provide the performance this one offers.
This battery excels at powering up boats and keeping you afloat if you happen to navigate through bad weather or a sea with heavy tides. It has fifteen times more resistance to vibrations than what other batteries offer.

The OPT8020-164 35 Redtop Starting Battery will prove its worth by keeping the systems in full capacities for a better navigating experience.
Another instance this battery outperforms is in a cold weather. It has 720 Cold Cranking Amps, allowing the battery to work efficiently and keep the vehicle running during cold temperatures.
The spill-proof feature is also present in this battery, taking care of frequent concern about keeping the battery in the right position to avoid any damage or malfunctions.
Once you need to recharge it, you will notice it is an easy task to do and does not require much effort. It weighs about 32 pounds, which makes it a light battery to move around and install back again in the vehicle if necessary.
Another highlight worth mentioning is the battery’s Spiral-Cell Technology that is a frequent characteristic in Optima batteries.


  • Has multiple applications
  • Allows compatibility with many systems
  • High vibration resistance
  • Recharging process is faster than other brands
  • Maintenance free


  • Other battery models have better durability

9.VMAX MR127 12 Volt 100Ah AGM Deep Cycle

The VMAX MR127 is a 12 Volt battery. It is a heavy-duty deep cycle battery with AGM features. This battery model includes an electrolyte suspension system of high porosity that is capable of absorbing and containing the electrolytes.
During the time the battery is functioning, it does not produce contaminating elements that could harm the battery's lifespan or damage the boat's structure.
This battery has lead-tin alloys capable of providing an extra margin of performance during the battery’s lifespan. Allowing the battery to have full efficiency throughout its use time and provides the boat or other vehicles with enough energy to power up its systems.
More so, this type of battery is capable of fitting any Group 27 Battery Box. It can adjust properly in units like the MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center.

 VMAX MR127 12 Volt 100Ah AGM Deep Cycle Maintenance Free Battery for boats

Following the brand’s unique design, the battery also has great quality in the physical and chemical structure of their plates. This feature allows the battery to endure high vibrations and shocks.
Another great feature from this battery model is the compatibility with many structures. As long as they have a 12 volt DC system, the battery will most certainly improve the overall performance of the vehicle and its accessories.
An example of this battery’s efficiency is the amount of time it can successfully power up an engine. The MR127 can continuously run heavyweight thrust motors for 12 hours at the lowest speed, 7.1 hours at medium speed, and 2.4 hours at a higher speed.
If your vehicle requires more capacity than this, you can always double up the powering by connecting several models together in a 12V parallel connection. Last but not least, this is a maintenance-free battery capable of preventing any spills for more durability.


  • Heavy-duty battery construction
  • Compatible with the MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center
  • No spill, no silica gels, no contamination


  • Heavy weight battery

10.ExpertPower EXP12330 Deep Cycle Battery

ExpertPower 12v 33ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery

The EXP 12330 model is a deep cycle rechargeable battery designed with the highest quality of materials available. This is a Lead Acid Battery that can adjust to work in Home Alarm Systems, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Lighting Equipment, General Electronics, and other applications.
This battery is capable of holding its charge for a long period of time if the battery is inactive. It does not require maintenance. You can charge it once, use it periodically, and it will still hold the charge for the next time you need it.
It has a 23.2 pounds weight, which makes it a perfect battery to move around if you need to put it to different uses.

The EXP 12330 battery provides enough power to use in many situations differently. It will power your vehicle and keep it running, but it will also provide energy to use other devices that demand energy.

Using this battery for other things besides your vehicle is not complicated at all; thanks to its user-friendly design. It is an easy battery to install and does not demand high technical knowledge. Once you install the battery, it will get your system or device up and running in no time.
It includes Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) for better functionality and great endurance in a wide temperature range.
This is a genuine ExpertPower battery that, once again, proves the brand’s efficiency. It maintains the brand’s reputation as one of the most trusted and highest reviewed Lead Acid Battery provider in the market.
If you ever find yourself in the position of looking for a replacement to your old worn down battery, this is a deep cycle battery worth considering.


  • High quality battery
  • Strong power
  • It has plenty of uses


  • It has a short lifespan

11.Renogy 12V 100Ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery

Renogy offers a 12V deep cycle GEL battery ideal to meet and achieve high-quality performance. It is also capable of providing aid in daily uses for backup power. In most scenarios, this deep cycle battery offers great quality.
You can use it in a variety of systems, from vehicles to medical utensils, and even security alarms.
It has a unique design construction that ensures the gel electrolytes have a proper distribution throughout the units in the battery. By doing this, it is capable of functioning at its highest capacity.
It also has a structure capable of regulating the battery’s compounds. It ensures there are no electrolyte leakages of any kind. Because of this, the seals guarantee the battery’s components work with no problems.

Rechargeable Deep Cycle Pure Gel Battery

This battery’s structure prevents external factors from entering the batteries inside units.
Another feature from this battery is that it doesn’t have a high discharging percentage, only reaching about 3 percent of its entire capacity.
It also has strong security measures. The battery has valves that prevent accidents like explosions from happening. If any sparkle gets too close, its construction design will prevent the inside of the battery from getting any damaging.
Last but not least, this model offers a long life of service. The manufacturing materials keep the product safe from corrosion, which contributes to the battery having a long lifespan.


  • High quality performance
  • Strong security measures
  • Low self-discharge
  • Longer lifespan than other batteries


  • Nothing to quote

12.Odyssey 31M-PC2150ST-M TROLLING Thunder Marine Dual Purpose Battery

Odyssey 31M-PC2150ST-M TROLLING Thunder Marine Dual Purpose Battery

The Odyssey 31M-PC2150ST-M is probably the best dual purpose marine battery that has great starting power. More so, the unit is amazingly capable of deep cycling tasks. It surpasses the other deep cycle batteries by offering double the total power and tripling the lifecycle of a conventional marine battery.
As the name says, you know what this battery is ideal for. Apart from trolling, the it also excels at starting and powering onboard electronic components that boats plus recreational vehicles often have.
Using this battery, you can expect to achieve up to 400 cycles at an eighty percent discharging depth, providing the battery with strong qualities not many batteries can offer. It generates a highly stable voltage for a longer period of time, enhancing the engine’s performance.

It also offers high recharge efficiency, beating most sealed lead batteries currently around the markets. The battery is capable of having a one hundred percent recharge within 4-6 hours.

The design in this battery protects it from high vibrations and high impact shocks. It tolerates extreme conditions, operating in temperatures from minus 40 to 80 Celsius degree. During tough temperatures you might encounter in your way, this battery will not leave you hanging.
It has AGM technology features that eliminate the need for extremely secure storage measures. There is no risk of an acid spill. The terminals in this battery have brass materials capable of preventing corrosion. It also has seals on its terminals to avoid expelling harmful gases.
Its plates use pure virgin lead, which allows the battery to have an extremely good performance in its recycling. Once the battery goes through its lifespan and loses its functionality, you can easily dispose of it by taking it to a recycling center.
Odyssey batteries have a goal to deliver more power and 40 percent more reserve capacity than other batteries, and they succeeded at providing a satisfactory battery.


  • 1150 CCA quality
  • Reaches 100% charge in low time
  • 80% discharge depth


  • New battery models have a different design. If you’re looking to replace an old model, make sure to check if it’s compatible

13.VMAXTANKS MR107-85 12V Marine Deep Cycle Battery

If you’re looking for battery with longer lifespan, this might be your best bet. This battery is capable of functioning for over 8 years. It provides durability most regular batteries don't have.
It also offers an Electrolyte Suspension System most VMAX models have. This system has AGM qualities with a high porosity that absorbs and contains the electrolytes to prevent any damage. Furthermore, the battery does not use any silica gel or any other contaminants.
This is a Heavy-Duty battery model, with weight above 50 pounds. For this reason, it is not an easy battery to move around quickly.

VMAXTANKS MR107-85 12V 85AH Marine

However, it totally compensates with functionality and efficiency. It can push maritime vehicles the whole day and still have power left after you have finished your activities. It often takes a lot of use to get it under ½ capacities.
These batteries have a quick recovering even after they go through many discharges. For this reason, this is also another great product to consider when you are looking for a new deep cycle battery.
To get it running at its best capacity, you will have to use chargers with special compatibility for this battery. For example, you will enhance the battery’s overall performance by using a VMAX 1207 charger instead of a regular 2 stage charger.
Once it has a full charge, it can provide energy to several types of engines. It not only works great in vehicles, but it can also work to power up your house devices, alarm systems, to charge other devices among other things.
After all, a multi-purpose battery often pays its value by being efficient in the many options it can offer.


  • Electrolyte Suspension System
  • Multiple applications on many structures
  • AGM qualities
  • Can hold its charge efficiently


  • Weight is over 50 pounds
  • To get the best out of this battery, you need a certain type of charger

14.Optima Batteries 8040-218 D35 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery

Optima Batteries 8040-218 D35 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery

This battery model from Optima has 12 Vol and 620 Cold Cranking Amps. It has a strong starting power that makes it ideal for marine motors and car engines. However, it also works in other vehicles such as recreational vehicles.
Nonetheless, if you have a boat and need an impressive starting power and good resistance casing, this is a good option for you.
Like other batteries, this model uses AGM technology, making it one hundred percent maintenance free and requires no work between uses.
It is a great battery for many circumstances. The battery can withstand any weather and tolerate really tough conditions you could eventually encounter when you are out there.

It can resist up to 15 times more vibrations than the batteries from other brands and types. The battery’s weight is another plus. Weighing less than 40 pounds, it makes an ideal battery to mount anywhere in your boat or to carry in case you find it necessary.
Altogether, its weight and size make it an easy battery to keep in small storages which is ideal for boats with small spaces.
Another highlight from this battery is the recharging time. It is capable of recharging in six to twelve hours maximum and holds its charge very well. Overall, when it comes to its charge and recharging process, this battery is a reliable efficiency source.
In general, the Optima Batteries 8040-218 D35 Battery is a powerful and effective deep cycling battery that works in a starting job too. It delivers outstanding performance and high strength in its power, making it a great choice to consider once you decide to buy a new deep cycle battery.


  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Does not take too much storage space
  • Powerful and effective cycling battery


  • Other brands offer higher durability

15.Optima Batteries 8027-127 D27M BlueTop Starting and Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Having this Bluetop high-performance model by Optima in an RV or boat ensures you a peace of mind with incomparable running period. The Bluetop is capable of overthrowing regular batteries due to its efficiency and many functional features.
It has a pure lead SpiralCell design that allows the lead to perform at its purest form, providing the battery with superior vibration resistance and maintaining its functionality. This battery model has a 66Ah capacity with solid cast cell connections capable of increasing its performance.
The Optima BlueTop battery has deep cycle features capable of powering up stereos, GPS systems, bilge pumps, fish finders, and other high-demanding devices. While doing this, the battery generates high cranking power to start up the motor.

Optima Batteries 8027-127 D27M BlueTop Starting

Another feature from this battery is the faster recharging capabilities. It only requires a few hours to recharge and is quickly ready to go back to the sea’s adventures.
It shares features with other OPTIMA batteries. The BlueTop boasts a series of separate spiral-wound cells with two pure lead plates that prevent the battery from suffering damages from external factors such as tough environmental conditions.
Thanks to all these features, this model has high possibilities of being the best dual purpose marine battery. It works great for starting too, but it is most efficient for deep cycling. When it’s used for deep cycling, it reaches high amounts of cranking power.
This battery is perfect for trolling, but you can use it for marine devices while you’re on the sea as well. You can also use the battery to provide energy for RVs or even most common electric day-to-day accessories you have around the house.


  • Dual purpose
  • Up to three times more recharges than other marine batteries
  • Spill-proof
  • Maintenance-free
  • Works efficiently in boats and RVs


  • While it is an effective battery, other models have higher durability

Benefits Of Using A Deep Cycle Battery

There are many benefits of buying a deep cycle battery. As we have mentioned above, it is great for discharging energy at small amounts during longer periods, a highlight that other batteries do not accomplish, but it has plenty of other important characteristics, like the following.

Optimum Performance

Many systems can take advantage of batteries with deep cycling qualities. For example, this type of battery is ideal for trolling.
In case the buyer has bigger and more demanding trolling motors, there’s always the option to connect several batteries, creating a high and reliable power source.
A good deep cycle battery can serve as a source of power as well.
If the boat runs out of power, the deep cycle battery is able to provide steady energy for the instruments and navigational devices. Of course, the battery’s efficiency will depend on how much energy the system needs.
A greater current means the battery discharges faster than others. To avoid this, the buyer has to completely know the boat’s details, and how much energy the trolling motor demands.
It’s because of these reasons that customers should always look out for the best deep cycle marine battery for trolling motor.


Another benefit from the deep cycle batteries is that it has plenty of uses, not only for maritime needs or high power demanding engines.
This type of battery works in many small vehicles as well as other systems like house devices, powering up security alarms, recharging other electrical devices, etc.
The battery’s durability will depend on how you use it. For instance, it can last from three months to a whole year if you use it for starting. However, for deep cycling, the lifespan increases from 1 to 8 years.

Reserve Capacity

Deep cycle battery often has two or three times the reserve capacity a regular battery has. It can withstand countless discharge cycles in what people call “deep discharge”. Regular battery’s design only allows it to discharge a small amount of energy at a time.
The reserve capacity is a huge plus in these batteries as it allows the battery to hold its charge for a longer period of time.
All these reasons make the deep cycle battery a great option when it comes to functionality and overall performance.

Deep Cycle Vs Regular Battery

When you decide to buy a new battery, there will always be an important question you should ask yourself, and that is what type of battery you should get your hands on.
It’s important that buyers understand the highlights and limitations from each type of battery to pick the right one. Buying a compatible battery will enhance your vehicle’s performance while also maintaining a longer lifespan for the battery.

Deep Cycle

On one hand, we have deep cycle batteries. These are specifically designed to offer a constant current with high intensity for a longer period of time.
It improves the engine’s starting speed by augmenting the amount of power. While doing this, the battery is capable of saving and efficiently maintaining energy.
This type of battery works for starting as well, and is able to provide surge if the vehicle demands it. However, deep cycle batteries often have lower cranking output.For example, kids elcetric scooter requires initial power to starts,deep cycle battery is optimum choice for this purpose.
Once it discharges, manufacturers recommend using a lower amp rating to make the battery available for a longer amount of time.

Regular Cycle

In case of regular batteries, the design focuses on providing quick bursts of energy, just like many vehicles use when starting up. Fortunately, these quick energy bursts do not have a very high impact on the battery, which is then compensated by other units such as the alternator.
Once the engine starts, the alternator takes control adding the power the vehicle needs. Because of this, the battery's durability increases.
Manufacturers are capable of combining all of these features to create a quality product and meet the regular battery’s goal. However, to achieve this efficiency, the regular batteries often trade reserve energy and deep cycling capacities.

In conclusion,
Regular batteries offer a large amount of current in a short period. Deep cycle batteries are capable of delivering a steady amount of current for a longer time.

Types of Deep Cycle Marine Battery

There are different types of deep cycle maritime batteries to pick from. However, they all rate by energy output, commonly expressed as ampere hours. Most batteries get categorized by how many charges they are capable of withstanding during its lifetime.
Batteries with a longer lifespan will determine the price. Of course, there are many characteristics from your boat you must know before making a buy.
For example; its chemical type, how many batteries you will need to efficiently power up the machine, the uses you will be putting the battery through, etc.
Nonetheless, the most common three types of deep cycle battery are:

  • Flooded Battery
    These batteries are also known as wet cells. Flooded batteries have a good positioning in the market and customers can rely on them. These are a perfect fit for boats at an accessible price.
    Flooded ones are the most common and accessible types of battery available to buy in the market. They gain power from a reservoir of liquid sulfuric acid that acts as a pathway between its lead plates.
    The electrolytes in this type of battery can produce hydrogen and oxygen when the battery is charging, which is why it requires a boxing with enough ventilation.
    Flooded batteries often require inspection, and you will need to use distilled water as a maintenance procedure. These batteries self-discharge faster than AGM quality batteries or even gel batteries.
  • Gel Battery
    These batteries work on a gel combination from many elements that could be dangerous, like sulfuric and phosphoric acids. However, it has a design that maintains these elements inside, and avoids any spilling if it suffers any damage or has a malfunction.
    The pressure inside can produce water from the gases. This process reduces any possible hazard the customer could face when the battery is functioning. Furthermore, this is a process that keeps the systems secure while it charges.
    Gel batteries often don’t need high voltages for recharging, like other types of battery require. When you charge the battery at a low voltage, you can keep it from overcharging, and it will have higher durability.
    Regardless of its type, the deep cycle battery is one of the most reliable sources of energy. You can count on it to power up whatever device or machine you might need.
  • AGM Batteries
    These batteries have separators to keep the acid electrolytes between the battery’s inner compounds. It makes it a very secure and efficient battery to own.
    Because of its design, they have stronger resistance than flooded or gel batteries when it comes to shocks and vibrations.
    This type of battery also delivers a maintenance-free feature. This feature allows the battery to have longer durability and resistance without high levels of maintenance by the customer. This is a great highlight for people who don’t have high technical knowledge about maintaining a battery.

How To Take Care and Maintain A Deep Cycle Marine Battery?

Deep cycle batteries are one of the most important parts of any off-grid system, and because of that, anyone who owns one of these batteries needs to know the importance of doing proper maintenance.
Naturally, we have to understand which type of deep cycle battery we own. There are two types that are the most common: flooded and sealed batteries.

  • Flooded Batteries
    Flooded batteries have high amounts of acid and require you add water manually, as well as a proper ventilation environment. Distilled water is the best option to use when it comes to flooded batteries.
    However, it’s better not to add too much water in the battery to avoid overfilling it. It is also important to remember that you need to add the water only after charging the battery. Otherwise, the water level will increase dramatically and can cause an overflow of water and acid in the battery, damaging its integrity and durability.
    Other than that, most flooded and sealed batteries share many maintenance similarities.
  • Maintaining A Deep Cycle Battery
    Another important thing to do to maintain your battery, regardless of its type, is to inspect it periodically and clean it if it is necessary. Most batteries have high protection standards, so you definitely don't have to worry about the battery's interiors. It only requires you to check the outside for any dust, dirt or moisture.
    The most important thing to remember is that you are going to need a higher amount of voltages if the battery is charging at a cold temperature. If you are charging in under higher temperatures, you should use lower voltages.
  • Storage
    Storage is also an important aspect to keep in mind for maintaining both types of batteries. You should always try to store the battery in a cold space with no moisture, and away from external factors, like temperature, that could damage the battery’s integrity.
    Temperatures above 35C will damage it, decreasing its load capacity and reducing its lifespan.
    On the other hand, lower temperatures, reaching under 10C, can also damage it. While lower temperatures do not necessarily decrease its lifespan, it does deal big damage to the battery’s productivity.
    In general, most batteries don’t usually require high levels of maintenance, but it does not take much time to check on them from time to time. After all, the only result that could come out of maintaining our batteries is a longer lifespan and better efficiency.

Best Deep Cycle Marine Battery Brands

Deep cycle batteries have gone through many improvements over the years. Modern batteries are way safer than in past decades, and that is mostly because of the brands and the effort they put in their products. The following brands are the top 5 that excel at what they do.


OPTIMA has built over 100 million spiral cells since the beginning of 1990. Through the years, the brand has gained experience understanding what the customer often looks for in a deep cycle battery.
Also, OPTIMA offers many battery models in three categories: RedTop, YellowTop and BlueTop. Every one of them has a specific design for certain types of engines.


VMAXTANKS is brand that specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality AGM deep cycle batteries. The batteries the brand offers have high quality and performance easily above many other brands.
Their batteries come with brand labels and hot stamp on top of the battery to guarantee its authenticity and for warranty measures. It’s a brand well-known for having bulkiest but efficient batteries.


MIGHTY MAX manufactures batteries and solar panel products that have longer durability. The brand firmly believes it is not enough to construct the product, but they also take pride in their customer service from start to finish.
They offer SLA batteries with maintenance-free qualities that have a warranty for over a year. In case the product is not what you want, they will ensure a quick return.


Whether you are looking to power up your car on the open road or a boat over the water, Exide produces a reliable source of energy. The brand commits to producing innovative quality products to satisfy customer’s needs.
Not only do they take care of powering up vehicles, but they also provide energy to telecommunication networks all around the globe.


UPG has been delivering highly reliable power sources for half a century. The Universal Batteries are capable of powering up everyday applications while making groundbreaking innovations each passing day.
Their offers include VRLA AGM and Gel batteries, as well as batteries with other chemical components. This brand also has chargers, security components, and low voltage wire and cable products.

How to Use and Setup Marine Battery Properly

Alright! So, you have bought the battery, and now you are ready to install it. What are the steps to do so?
First and foremost, you have to remember that, while most batteries have strong security measures, they are still dangerous if you make mistakes installing it. So, make sure you have safety measures, and check the connections to confirm they are in place.
Once you check the connections, you can get to work. You are going to need two wrenches: a 1 ½ inch and 9/16 inch. These tools will help you remove the existing connections and install the new ones. The new battery terminals are also going to need grease.

Steps to install a new battery:
 If you want to replace an old one you have to remove it first, obviously. Turn its switch off and disconnect the cables with the wrenches.
 Once that one’s out of the way, get the new battery and check again if the cables align with the terminals. Place the battery inside the box and secure it.
 Apply grease on the terminals. By doing this, the connections will be stronger and reliable.
 Connect the cables. First, the positive terminal, and then the negative one. Once the connection is in place, make sure other cables don’t get stuck on the box’s lid.
 Use the wrenches to make the cable connections on the terminals. It is important not to tighten the cables too much. Use it until you know it will be unlikely to come off.
 After you’re done, restore the battery box’s lid.

Testing The New Battery

For testing, you have to turn on the battery switch or switch to the right battery number if there is more than one battery in place. To check if it is functional, you can turn on any of the boat’s devices that rely on the battery’s power, like the lights or the GPS system.
You can also attempt to start the outboard/inboard motor to check if there are any issues. If there turns out to be an issue with this, it could mean that the connections are in their proper place.

Disposing The Old Battery

But hey! The job is not over. You still have an old worn down battery you don’t know what to do with it. These batteries normally have high hazard chemicals and gases, making its disposal a task that requires precaution.
Tossing it is a bad idea, as it could contaminate the environment in the long run. And it could also damage your health! Instead, you can always recycle it.
There are many recycling facilities over the country that can take items like batteries and give the materials a new purpose.
If you still want to get rid of it, call the manufacturer to inform you what measures you should take before its disposal. They will provide information that could prevent you from having any unpleasant accident while disposing of the old battery.

Why Do Marine Batteries Fail?

Although many batteries may appear similar, that doesn’t necessarily mean they have interchangeable use. The manufacturers make sure their battery has multiple applications to meet the customer’s expectations.
Using a battery for general purposes will surely damage its lifespan regardless of what the manufacturers say. It's important that you know what your battery is capable of doing, what purposes can reach and what its limitations are.
It only takes a quick read, and it could mean longer battery durability.
If you pick a marine battery, make sure to set up a new boating system with a battery that best suits what the boat requires.

Improper Installation

Even the smallest mistake during the battery’s installation can become a huge problem with major consequences like acid leaks, fire, and explosions in the worst case scenario.
Before you install it, be certain that you have all the necessary tools and knowledge to do it properly. The battery will have better efficiency, last longer and provide an optimum performance for you.

Non-Suitable Storage

Storing batteries that don't receive proper maintenance can generate corrosion. If you store the battery when it does not have proper charge, it can cause issues in future recharging.
Another important factor is the temperature. If you happen to live in cold temperatures, you should always store it indoors to avoid external factors that could damage the battery’s durability and efficiency.

Overheating And Extreme Temperatures

Marine batteries have a specific design to withstand strong conditions. However, they are more susceptible to temperature fluctuations that many people think.
If the temperature is extremely hot, the batteries often expand and expel energy at a higher rate. The high temperatures can result in electrolyte loss and discharge problems.
Cold temperatures, on the other hand, force it to work harder to generate energy, resulting in a lower discharge rate.
Whether it is cold or hot temperatures, the battery suffers from them both. It loses time of its lifespan and the charging process can lose efficiency.

Improper Charging

While it is true that most batteries require approximately the same amount of time to recharge, the truth is that every model has a specific recharging schedule and maintenance. One of the aspects in which people commonly make mistakes is during the recharging process.
Using high voltage for a quick charging process is not a reliable thing to do. The only result that comes out of doing this practice is that the battery could decrease its service life. High voltages are also responsible for corrosion and faster discharge rates.
Learn the characteristics of your battery and don’t try to put it through more voltages than what it needs. It only takes a few hours for the battery to charge. Rushing it will only result in a shorter lifespan and lower functionality when you put it to use.

In general, there are plenty of reasons why maritime batteries fail. To avoid any of these issues from happening to you, you should stick to the guidelines the manufacturer provides.

Marine Battery Accessories To Know About

There are plenty of accessories that boat owners should know. For instance, we have marine battery switches.
All boats have an electrical system that should count with a master battery-disconnect switch. The switch would be at a reachable distance from the battery and accessible for the people. This disconnecting switch is capable of shutting down the electrical system in case of an emergency.
We also have battery boxes and trays.
These battery boxes and trays are capable of providing security to the battery by keeping everything in its place.
Of course, there are many other accessories, like battery cables, trays, terminal covers, anti-corrosion rings, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What’s a deep cycle maritime battery?
A deep cycle maritime battery is a battery capable of having constant discharges using most of its capacity. These batteries offer a steady amount of current for a longer time.
2.Does the Deep Cycle Battery Work as a Starting Battery?
In most cases, deep cycle batteries can work as starting batteries as well. As a general rule, if you are going to use a deep cycle battery for starting purposes, you will need an oversized battery about 20% in comparison to your current starting battery.
3.What effects does the temperature have in the battery?
If it goes through a low temperature, its capacity reduces. On the other hand, the battery increases its capacity when the temperature goes up. This is why vehicles usually won’t start up on a cold winter.
4.Which battery is better for my boat?
Most deep cycle batteries will work on a boat. However, each brand offers unique characteristics like materials, size or weight that could work better depending on the type of boat you have.
5.Does the battery require high maintenance?
You should check on it periodically to confirm its state. Factors like temperature, moisture or dirt around it could damage the battery’s integrity.

Final Words

There are plenty of battery options to pick from in the market. Choosing the best deep cycle marine battery is a difficult task, but after you know each battery’s features, you will have a better understanding of their capacities and how they work.
Be sure to pick the right one and see you on the sea!