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Brake Caliper Compression Tools| 5 Best Reviewed

If you’re a mechanic or want to change your car’s brake pads, you certainly need a brake caliper compression tool. The best tools available are inexpensive, versatile, and easy to use. Perhaps you are habituated using the c clamp but this is the one that meets your compression needs even more perfectly.

If you often change brake pads, you’ll want a tool or a toolset that saves you time and caters to different makes of cars. Even if you’re a DIY type of car nut, a reliable tool is crucial for your mechanical arsenal. 

Brake Caliper and Why It Needs to Compress

A brake caliper is a component of your braking system that squeezes the rotors with the thicker brake pads to slow your vehicle. When you depress the brake pedal, the braking mechanism engages the floating calipers to close on the spinning rotor. The old brake pad move in to slow the rotors of the wheels and eventually bring them to a halt which stops your car.

Compression happens when the brakes release from the rotor and allow your car to move once more. If the brake calipers don’t compress, it means your brakes will still be completely or partially on as you try to drive. 

When you replace your car’s brake pads, compressing the caliper allows for space for new brake pads, so installation is easier and more accurate.

Best Brake Caliper Compression Tools Reviews 2021

Below are five of the best tools carefully picked by considering mechanic’s experience. 

1.Lang Tools 279-5420 279 Brake Caliper Press

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Works with fixed dual and four piston calipers
  • Provides full 360 degree oscillation
  • Reversible lever extended gear

This simple tool is an excellent choice for dual piston compression as it provides fast and easy work.

Evenly Spreads Force

This dual-piston brake caliper compressor’s flat face exerts even pressure on multiple pistons at once. It also prevents misalignment that another caliper press tool might inflict upon double pistons. 

Ratchet Handle

The caliper press tool uses 360 degrees of ratchet swing to allow you to reach hard-to-adjust angles. 

Quick Direction Switch

Lang’s brake caliper press tool makes it easy to switch from spreading to retracting with the ratchet handle. 

Positive Side

  • Easy to switch from spreading to retracting
  • 360 degrees of movement
  • Evenly spread force
  • Simple to use
  • Reduces time spent compressing
Negative Side

  • Only for specific brake caliper pistons

2. 8MILELAKE Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool 24pc Professional Disc Brake Caliper Tool Set

Our Top Pick
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Includes 2 sets of piston retract compression plates
  • Compresses twice the brake with moving pistons
  • Makes replacement dual piston pad

This toolset provides optimal versatility, giving you the correct disc brake piston tool for any number of vehicles. 

Universal Use

This kit contains 24 pieces for a complete service. With an incredible number of adapters (18), you have any size disc brake piston tool available in this kit. Because of their range in size, the adapters can service more modern cars than other comparable brands. 


With both right and left-handed assemblies, not only is it easier to use for the individual, but the wind sets easily reach all four brake calipers for reduced struggle. 


The kit includes storage for all the adapters as well as gloves to keep your hands clean. You don’t have to scrounge around looking for gloves when they’re part of the ensemble.

Positive Side

  • Best for 4 wheel drive
  • 18 adapters
  • Storage and gloves
  • Right and left-handed assemblies
  • Durable
Negative Side

  • Bends easier than other brands

3.Lisle 25750 Dual Piston Brake Caliper Compressor

Our Top Pick
9/10 Our Score
  • Simultaneous Dual Compresses Brake Pistons
  • Compresses twice the brake with moving pistons
  • Makes replacement dual piston pad

For automobiles with dual pistons, a dual-piston brake caliper compressor is the best solution for simultaneous compression.

Unique Design

This dual-piston brake caliper compressor services dual pistons at the same time for quick and easy brake pad replacement. Instead of turning a screw or ratchet, simply squeeze the handle to compress the pistons. 

Quick and Simple

This tool doesn’t require a lot of force, although its design might lead some mechanics to believe otherwise. If your caliper pistons move easily, as they should, compression will take less time than other tools.

Simultaneous Compression

This tool compresses pistons simultaneously to save time and prevent misalignment. 

Positive Side

  • Squeeze-trigger simple and easy to use
  • Simultaneous compression for more pistons
  • No extra force necessary
  • No time wasted finding the proper adapter
  • Works on most dual-piston calipers
Negative Side

  • Hard to move/could break if the mechanic has little experience or if pistons are not working smoothly

4.ABN Ratcheting Caliper Piston Tool – 4 in 1 Disc Brake Caliper Compression Tool Universal Brake Caliper Spreader Tool

Our Top Pick
9/10 Our Score
  • Includes 2 sets of piston plates
  • Compresses twice the brake with moving pistons
  • Drain the fluid smoothly

This disc brake piston compression tool accommodates any vehicle while remaining small and compact for simplistic use.

Versatile and Multi-use

This 4 in 1 set has a piston spreader and a ratcheting tool to efficiently compress the caliper pistons. The two sets of plates allow for use as a single-piston tool, a dual-piston compression tool, a quad piston compression tool, or a rear brake compression tool.

Ratchet Handle 

This one uses a ratchet for effective compression and offers 360 degrees of movement for faster spreading. 

Specific Design

The spreader results in a wider space available for newer brake pads, so you have an easier time installing them. The small size of this brake caliper press tool makes it ideal for travel.

Positive Side

  • 360 degrees of movement
  • Small size for easy toting
  • The spreader system provides more space for brake pads
  • Ratchet handle doesn’t need left or right-handed assembly
  • Able to accommodate four different kinds of caliper pistons
Negative Side

  • Not universally useful

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5.Orion Motor Tech 24pcs Heavy Duty Disc Brake Piston Caliper Compressor Rewind Tool Set and Wind Back Tool Kit for Brake Pad Replacement Reset, Fits Most American, European, Japanese Autos

Our Top Pick
9/10 Our Score
  • 21 piece for wind disc brake
  • Includes adapters for Audi, Austin, BMW, Ford, GM, Honda, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, MITSUBISHI, Nissan, Opel, Rover, Toyota, Volkswagen, Mazda, Saab, Subaru, Renault, etc.
  • Precisely-made reaction plates and adapter plates.

This brake caliper press toolset offers more in the way of versatility and compatibility. 

Increased Compatibility

This 24-piece kit can accommodate more car brands. The 18 available adapters will provide you with a brake caliper piston tool compatible with American, European, and Japanese-built cars. 

Easy for All Levels of Expertise

This kit comes with complete instructions to better illustrate the proper use of a compression kit. The instruction guide is perfect for even the most amateur mechanic.


Made from carbon steel with a rust-free finish, each item in this kit can withstand extreme torc to prevent twisting or getting bent. 


Along with extensive possibilities for a caliper press tool, this kit comes with a portable case and gloves. 

Positive Side

  • Fashioned from carbon steel for durability
  • Compatible with most cars
  • Left and right-hand assemblies
  • Includes instructions for novices
  • Comes with a case and gloves
Negative Side

  • Can take more time to use in figuring out which adapters fit on which models

The Brake Caliper Tool Buying Guide

The right brake caliper tool for you depends on many factors, including how often you use it and on how many vehicles. 

Universal Vs Model Specific

Mechanics prefer universal tools because it gives them the ability to work on more cars with diverse brake caliper systems. However, model-specific works best for individuals only working on their own vehicles.


Some inexpensive caliper compression tools are well made and durable. If you can find the correct tool for you, and it also happens to be less costly, great. However, investing in a more expensive tool can result in long-lasting, time-saving compression tools with which cheaper models can’t compare.


A durable brake tool means there’s less likelihood that you will have to keep buying them. If a tool lasts for a lost time, you can use it for years to come.

Ease of Use

How easy it is to use your caliper cavity will decide whether or not it’s worth buying. If it’s simple to use and powerful enough that it saves you time, it’s a definite buy. 


Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about brake calipers and related subjects. 

How Do You Unstick A Brake Caliper?

If a brake caliper refuses to compress, you have to take it off the rotor and clean the piston and springs with fluid and grease to make sure it can move smoothly.

Once you put it back on the rotor, test the brakes (only if the car is fixed or raised) to ensure it grabs the rotor. You might have to pump the brakes six or seven times before the springs are fully lubricated, and they compress and decompress correctly.

How Do You Compress A Brake Caliper?

To compress a brake caliper manually, you must remove your car’s tires and remove the caliper from the rotor. Using this tool, you can place an adapter over the face of the piston and slowly clamp the brake caliper into place. Once the piston face is flush with the interior of the caliper, it is compressed. Here is a reference video you can follow.

How Do You Unstick A Brake Caliper?

If a brake caliper refuses to compress, you have to take it off the rotor and clean the piston and springs with fluid and grease to make sure it can move smoothly.

Once you put it back on the rotor, test the brakes (only if the car is fixed or raised) to ensure it grabs the rotor. You might have to pump the brakes six or seven times before the springs are fully lubricated, and they compress and decompress correctly.

How Do Rear Brake Calipers Work?

Rear caliper works the same way that the front calipers do, but there are fundamental differences in their design. Most braking occurs on the front wheels, not the rear wheels. Therefore, rear brake calipers are smaller than front ones and generally have fewer pistons. 


If you’re replacing brake pads on lots of different vehicles all the time, you’ll need something that saves you time and can fit on a multitude of pistons. If you’re just servicing your car every so often, you’ll likely need something more specific to your vehicle. No matter what brake caliper compression tool you use, it should get the job done correctly. 

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