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Different Types of Marine Battery-3 Basic Types & Solid Features

There are different types of marine battery to pick from. However, they all rate by energy output commonly expressed as ampere-hours. Most batteries get categorized by how many charges they are capable of withstanding during their lifetime. Batteries with a longer lifespan will determine the price. Of course, there are many characteristics from your boat you must […]

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How To Replace A Marine Deep Cycle Battery

Everything that is made by human hands had a finite lifespan. The deep-cycle marine battery is by no means exceptional. Indeed, after some time, these marine batteries will get so depleted that not further recharge may restore them to their proper working condition with power. If and when this happens, you inevitably have to alter […]

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How To Make My Trolling Motor Faster

It is no secret that the trolling boat is both a fun-filled and handy piece of fishing equipment. Most boats of these kinds are powered by gasoline and are therefore limited in power output. The good news though is that it is indeed possible to increase the power output of the electric trolling motors. To do […]

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