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10 Best Electric Skateboard For The Money 2020

I think you’ll agree with me as I own the best electric skateboard & when I say-“Skateboards the best kind of personal transport by any sports enthusiast. And when it’s an electric skateboard, things become more interesting.”Sounds cool so far, right? Now, here is the catch,for electric scooters, finding a best bang for the buck […]

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How To Ride A Skateboard: Super Tips

Skateboards are great means of relaxation. They are eco-friendly, cheaper, and simpler to engage than most other domestic forms of transportation. However, it is not without its own fair share of potential problems unless you know how to ride a skateboard. For one, there is the risk of falling off. This mainly arises in case you […]

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How To Get Bearings Out Of Skateboard Wheels

Like it or not, the bearings in your skateboard wheels will usually sustain corrosion and become incapacitated. The only way in which you may guarantee the functioning of the bearings indefinitely is by removing and replacing them with brand new ones. This is especially the case if the bearings can no longer function optimally even […]

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