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coleman powersports 100cc trail bike

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If you wish to ride in the trails, you need a bike that is specially purposed for the job. “Being purposed” for the job simply means being equipped with all the tools, parts, and specifications necessary for the proper performances on the trails. The Coleman Powersports 100cc trail bike stands out.

We dedicate this review-cum-buying guide to look into its finest details. As we go about the issues, we shall first of all highlight the key features of the bike. Then we shall ask and answer some of the frequently asked questions. At the tail end of it, we shall challenge you to make a purchase soonest possible.


4-stroke OHV 1 cylinder engine

Standing out from among the many parts and features it has to offer is the powerful and efficient 4-stroke OHV 1 cylinder engine. The engine provides the torque needed to take on the rough trails with absolute efficacy. It also carries the weights that are imposed on the bike effectively without faltering.

Easy-pull start operation

To start it you will engage the easy-pull Coleman ct100u spark plug. This is so easy that even someone who lacks the necessary expertise or experience can and will still easily make use of it. Also, the start operation spares the riders from the hassles they may unnecessarily have to contend with as they move along.

Heavy-duty mini bike

All the Coleman ct100u performance parts that make this wonderful bike are heavy-duty and strong enough to take you through many years of use. The heavy-duty trait is largely brought about by the mix of the sturdy metal frame and the rugged materials that make the other parts up.

150-pound load capacity

By and large, the bike is able to accommodate a whopping 150 pounds of load per unit time. This large weight holding capacity ensures that you haul all your load without too many strains. It also grants you the ability to make economic sense of the bike altogether.

Classic design

In totality, the bike bears some classic design that features the legendary modern power technology and materials. The sum total of these materials has the ability to up the aesthetics of the bike without compromising its functionality altogether. Put differently: it blends purpose with functionality and elegance.


  • Features modern materials and craftsmanship
  • Powered by a truly reliable engine
  • Withstands years of intense use and applications
  • Its brakes provide reliable stopping power
  • Confers exceptional stability while on the road


  • Does not fold for the purpose of storage


Q1. How fast does a Coleman Powersports 100cc trail bike go?

A. The Coleman ct100u top speed is about 18 mph, it is! However, if the speed limiter is eliminated, the bike can get to the top speed of about 28-30 miles per hour.

Q2. Is the Coleman mini bike street legal?

A. It all depends on the state where one is. Texas and California prohibit the use of this bike on all trails, sidewalks, streets, and parks. They only allow the use of the bike in a private property. Be sure hence to check with your state laws to familiarize yourself with the prevailing codes.

Q3. Are Coleman mini bikes any good?

A. YES, they are! They have consistently ranked highly with regards to matters of public safety and performance. Given also that they are versatile, they can tackle many kinds of purposes. Need we add that the bikes come at readily affordable costs of acquisitions?

Q4. Do Coleman mini bikes have titles?

A. NO! These bikes are neither registered nor assigned the vehicle identification numbers as the scooters, motorbikes, and the other motorized vehicles. You hence have to make an effort to take good care of yours as you may never receive the state support to retrieve it in the event of a loss.

Q5. How much horsepower is 100cc?

A. Around 4.7 horsepower. This is sufficiently large to propel the bike along with the load it hauls out and about a designated pathway. Also, the rating is sufficiently large to be able to do a great job without faltering unnecessarily.


Indeed, the Coleman Powersports 100cc trail bike is a piece of great riding equipment you desperately want to acquire and make part and parcel of your locomotion solutions. The bike, as you may deduce from the foregoing conversations, has every tool and part you may desire in a great item of its kind.

How about you now moving speedily and getting hold of it? We now challenge you to make a purchase soonest possible. The best areas that you may find are the online auction sites, hardware stores, and of course, directly from the manufacturers. When do you intend to set out? Let us hear from you below…