Insuring A Mobility Scooter

Insuring A Mobility Scooter|Cost & 6 Accurate Consideration

Insuring a mobility scooter is like ensuring a security for elderly people.The mobility scooters provide the elderly and disabled persons the freedom to move around unimpeded and an effort that is not too strenuous. Like any other possession, the items too need to be insured against various risks. That is to prevent you from incurring huge expenses if and when the said items sustain some damages.

We want to help you to go about this issue smoothly and seamlessly. To do that, we have prepared and lined up these discussions about the mobility scooter insurance. Here, we shall talk about everything you have to know about this subject and the process of obtaining an insurance policy for your scooter.

What Is Mobility Scooter Insurance?

Mobility scooter insurance is coverage or a plan that is used to secure and safeguard a scooter from the common risks and damages that are bound to arise with use. The purpose of the insurance is to maintain you in a stable state of financial footing in the unlikely event that the various risks arise.

Do you need insurance for a Mobility Scooter?

YES, you absolutely need one! The policy guards the owners of the scooters against the risks and losses that come along with the damages to the structure and the parts of the scooter.

Things To Consider For insuring A Mobility Scooter Coverage

mobility scooter insurance

Below are the factors to consider for the mobility scooter insurance coverage:

Insurance Policy

Insurance policies vary considerably from one another. There are two main policies. The first is the comprehensive coverage that insures the occupants, the vehicle, and the third parties, and the second is the third party that is only limited to those who may be injured by the boat.

The extent of the Coverage

How much coverage would you want to achieve with the insurance policy? Would you just want to cover the occupant, the boat itself, specific kinds of risks, or all of the above? It is imperative that you delineate exactly what you expect to be able to narrow to the most precise goals.

Payment Schedule

You should also factor the payment schedule that the policy demands that you adhere to. Needless to say, the schedule you settle on has to be convenient for your course and expectations. Do not squeeze yourself too much or commit to one that is way too unrealistic.

Value of the Premiums

This refers to the value of the money that you shall periodically remit to the insurance company to cover your scooter. The amount, like the payment schedule above, has to be reasonable and well within your scope of affordability. You do not want to strain too much to fulfill your obligations.

Regulatory Regimes

Different laws exist in different areas to govern this subject of scooter insurance. You have to see to it that you act within the law. That entails you getting familiar with the prevailing legal regimes and then making every effort to adjust your expectations to line up with those regulations.

Mobility Scooter Average Insurance Cost

At present, the average insurance cost for the mobility scooter is roughly $49.40. Please note though that the actual cost may vary considerably with the location, kind of scooter, the prevailing business environment, and the circumstances where you intend to devote your scooter to business.

Comparing Different Insurance & Breakdown Cover

The mobility scooter insurance and the breakdown cover differ or compare in the following regards:

The extent of the Coverage

As its name implies, the mobility scooter insurance is more comprehensive than the breakdown cover counterpart. That is given its incorporation and cover of more areas or potential risks than its competitor. It is one to go for in case there is a need for wholesome impacts.

Value of Premium

The value of the mobility scooter insurance premium is generally higher than that of the breakdown cover. That is understandable given that the former is broader and more comprehensive than the latter. You have to really be sure to have all the money before enrolling in the same.

Payment Schedule

In most instances, the payment schedule for the mobility scooter insurance is more flexible and also runs a longer duration of time than that of the breakdown cover. The reason behind this is that the risks involved or associated with the same are more and may happen at any time.

Regulatory Regimes

The typical mobility scooter insurance is subject to more regulations and laws compared to the breakdown cover. That is due to the higher amount of money that is generally expended in the course of keeping the insurance cover afloat as well as the sum total risks you are bound to care for.

Relevance or Applicability

You will find the mobility scooter insurance largely relevant for wholesome and comprehensive coverage needs. The breakdown cover as its name suggests will only come in handy when you just want to safeguard yourself from the risks that come along with the accidents and breakdowns of the gadgets.

Law For Mobility Scooter Insurance

As things are, there is no law that specifically mandates owners to insure their mobility scooters as is the norm with the other kinds of vehicles. Nonetheless, you are strongly encouraged to enroll for one as early as yesterday. The benefits that come along are too huge to be forfeited. Moreover, you would not want to incur too huge financial losses if and when disasters strike.

Mobility Scooters & Powered Wheelchairs: Tax Rules & Online Quotes

In many states, counties, and jurisdictions, you do not need to pay taxes on your mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs. That is because they are deemed as medical essentials that have to be made available to those who need it at the last affordable costs possible.

Those who deal with them prefer to avail them to the masses via the online platform. The reason behind this is the ease with which the masses may be reached and impacted. Also, people are easily capable of accessing online quotes as opposed to the traditional forms of sales and purchases.

5 Companies To Provide Electric Scooter Insurance Quote

scooter insurance quote

Listed and explained below are the top five companies that provide insurance for new types of electric vehicles:


This American firm goes beyond merely insuring these kinds of vehicles. It goes ahead to hand free helmets and other safety gear for their patrons. Its existence in the market has aided thousands of road users to prevent and stay away from all kinds of accidents and injuries that come by with use.


Bikmo is located in the United Kingdom and serves the entire nation. You have it for the insurance for mobility scooter if you are similarly based in the British Isles. Its coverage is a bit more comprehensive by virtue of hitting the $48,600 threshold for both the electric-motor assisted and the pedal propelled variants.


Located in London, the insurer is mainly a start-up company in the sense that it covers smaller bikes for a large part. Even though it can insure just about any other bike, it is only limited to those who reside within the boundaries of the United Kingdom alone.


Have a high-end mobility scooter model? The Zego is a company that you want to really set your eyes on. Its capital base is too wide and comprehensive enough to handle those kinds of mobility scooters. The main specialty of the company is the scooter rental companies rather than private individuals.


Rounding up the list of the insurers is the Voom. It, unlike the others we have already mentioned, is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. If you want to relocate to Israel or already resident there, you have it for your consideration. It is also a startup firm that largely avails its services to smaller and cheaper scooters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

We now get to ask and answer many of the frequently asked questions that surround this subject:

What Are the Limitations of Scooter Insurance?

A. They may not cover the scooters that are used for passenger services owing to the many risks that are associated with the same. Then again some insurance premiums are way too expensive and largely out of the reach of the many who might need the same.

Will my mobility scooter be insured if I go on a holiday?

A. YES! However, you have to notify the company of the same. The risks that are insured against are often too high during the holidays than at normal times. Moreover, more insurers have a separate package for such times of the year. You may also be denied compensation if the risk happens at such a time without prior notice to the company.

Does this policy cover me to use any scooter?

A. NOT really! You have to specify the kind of coverage or policy you want first and foremost before entrusting yourself to one. The failure to do this will only limit the coverage or compensation to the third party or the scooter itself at the very most.

What are the additional benefits of Plus insurance?

A. There is a robust back-end customer care regime in place to safeguard those who enroll for the same. Then, the program itself is safer and less inclined to the risks of defaults when compared to the other parallel coverages that seem to exist at the moment.

Do I need to pay any excess when I claim?

A. Your insurer will usually demand that you pay some excess prior to qualifying for the same. In the event of a risk, the insurer will settle the claim and remit the extra amount to the designated payee whom you may have agreed on earlier.

Isn’t my mobility scooter covered under my Home and Contents policy?

A. YES, it is! Provided though that you use them strictly at home, and nowhere else. If you use them outside the home, they may fall under the personal possessions cover.

Is it compulsory to have mobility scooter insurance?

A. NO, it is not! However, you are strongly encouraged to enroll for one to be able to leverage the benefits of an elevated sense of peace of mind and limited risks of operations.

Does Insurance Cover Electric Wheelchairs

A. YES, it does! The electric wheelchairs are medical essentials that have to be handled and safeguarded with maximum care and attention. Insuring them against the associated risks is one sure way of achieving that end.

What is Blue Badge Insurance coverage?

A. It is the official name of the Blue Badge Mobility Insurance Broker Services Limited. This company engages in the insurance and safeguard of the mobility scooters and other medical essentials that come along.

How to Get an Electric Wheelchair or Scooter through Insurance.

A. The following steps will help you to get an electric wheelchair or scooter through an insurance cover or company:

  • Check out the criteria that are outlined in your insurance agreement or policy contract to see it whether you qualify or not.
  • If you qualify, ask for the relevant forms and then do the necessary paperwork. You will require the assistance of a doctor or healthcare practitioner to do this.
  • Upon receiving your request, the company will forward the same to the relevant provider or supplier of the gadgets mentioned.
  • You will receive yours within the shortest realistic time possible.


Alright! We have done the much we can to exhaust this matter of insuring a mobility scooter exhaustively, have we not? It is now our pleasure and concurrence that you have what it takes to find a suitable one for yourself. Is it too much of us to ask you also to share this information far and wide?

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