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Log Truck Insurance-4 Critical Thing That Reduces Your Cost

The logging truck industry might be one of the dangerous freight hauling jobs in the world. Whether you are a driver or own a truck, then you must be conversant with what goes on in the industry. Having log truck insurance might be a great idea. The policy helps in curbing various liabilities associated with this business.


Changing weather, road conditions, accidents, and high maintenance costs, insurance requirements come in handy. Yet, the perfect insurance coverage might make a difference during the hard times. Even so, insurance costs are always a big concern for many businesses.

 Owner-operators and trucking businesses rely on honest experienced broker. Some have enough experience to get affordable rates. Below are some of the ways you can use to lower your truck trailer insurance premium.

How to lower Insurance Premium Cost

Experienced Drivers

To reduce accidents & effective risk management, you should consider drivers with a good driving history. Insurance market rely on driving history when assessing and setting the premium. That said, a clean record might help lower the costs. Accidents, speeding tickets, impaired driving, and other violations might push your insurance costs. You must screen the truck operators.

Highlight Business Needs

It is prudent to make a list of your business insurance needs. Whether property insurance, business interruption, commercial insurance, or insurance general liability coverage. Additionally, it helps the insurance agents to find you adequate coverage & workers compensation.


Get to know the exclusions and inclusion in your truck policy. This helps you in making an informed decision about rates and coverage. Make sure you go through the procedure with your liability insurance broker. Do not be afraid to ask any questions. What is more, an experienced insurance broker should offer you flexible plans.

Choose the Optimum product

Loggers do not need to break the bank to buy insurance coverage for your truck. But, a lower rate might mean restricted coverage. But, higher premiums could be a result of inclusions that you do not need. This is why you should work with a broker compared to an agent aligned to a particular company.

Established insurance broker

Identify different types of insurance services. This will help you to compare the rates and coverage among different policies & quote.

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Costs of a logging insurance

The insurance can cost you from as low as $8,000 up to $15,000 on average. That means you are carrying a maximum of $750,000 primary professional liability. The quote might even be higher for people venturing into the truck business.

How much could be log truck insurance Policy?

This is one of the common questions asked by newbies in the industry. However, the quotes are determined by a few factors. Below are some of the factors.

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Logging Truck Premium Rate Factors

  • The driver’s driving record
  • Liability limits and coverage options
  • Written safety plan
  • Years in the logging business
  • Value and age of your truck
  • List item
  • List item
  • List item

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Why is logging truck premium expensive?

Whether you have a fleet of trucks or a single truck, you are likely aware of trucking insurance expenses. Also, the cost of insuring a company car versus a truck might be different. This is because of the various factors. Some of them are out of your dominance.


The weight affects the insurance quotes of the truck. That means, heavier trucks might need higher coverage. This is inclusive of the physical damage it might cause.


Some insurance costs might be higher depending on the site. If your trucks or truck operates on busy roads or neighborhoods, the rate might be higher. , the distance intended to cover also affects the quotes. Interstate truckers pay more compared to intrastate truckers.


The value and type of freight determine the cost of freight insurance. Moreover, different states have regulations and laws that govern cargo and trucking insurance. The trucks used for transporting hazardous materials or passengers might pay more. This is because of the potential damages and high risk.

Claims History

Another factor is the policyholder and the claim history of the business. The policyholder who has a long list of claims might have a difficult time.

Commercial Logging Truck Insurance Companies

commercial log truck insurance companies

Business owners can assume that all commercial auto insurance carrier’s premiums are for semi-trucks used by motor carriers or owners. Similarly, all other types of businesses might have delivery pickups and vans, which might need coverage. That said, we have evaluated and rounded up some of the best commercial truck companies.

Progressive Commercial:  Suitable for small business owners who need quote online, offers inland marine & umbrella type coverage.

CoverWallet:  Cover Wallet Suitable for small business owners with vans and medium trucks

Lancer Insurance Provider: Suitable for owners trucking industry who need commercial property damage insurance packages.

Travelers:  Manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers with fleets.

Colonial Insurance Services: Truckers who transport hazardous materials like gas and explosives.

What to look for in an insurance company.

Since there are different insurance services in the market, you should identify the one with an accomplished track record. Some are slow when it comes to compensation. What you should know is that all insurance services need your business. So, they will make many promises to you.

Additionally, some are only concerned with signing papers. That said, if your current insurance company does not align with the above, then it is probably the time to make a change. What is more, make sure you ask questions before you remove your wallet. Nonetheless, consider the below factors when looking for log truck insurance.

  • Professional
  • A solid reputation
  • Dedication
  • Strong financials
  • Stellar claims services

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is insurance cost for a log truck client?

Loggin Truck Insurance mostly depends on accident history, vehicle manufacturing year, model & size. The typical cost for the annual premium is roughly $1500-$2000.

Who has the best commercial truck insurance policy?

Undoubtedly Progressive is a pioneer in the battle from other truck insurance companies.

How much do log trucks make per load?

On an average $1100-$1200, depends on the driver’s skill to close the trip efficiently within time.

What is bobtail truck insurance?

We Have a Detail article on tyhe topics here.

Wrapping Up!

Although there are many players in the market today, you should check them out. You can also consult other users before you commit. The insurance industry does not mean signing up papers. They should provide what you need. What is more, if you identify a great company, you should share the good news with your friends. Typically, save them from annoying insurance companies. Overall, consider this insightful guide before you commit. You can also read what other users are reporting online.


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