how to hook up a subwoofer in a car

How To Hook Up A Subwoofer In A Car

It is necessary to know how to hook up your subwoofer in your car. These electronics are way too great and handy to be forfeited or downplayed. How else can you do this save for being guided appropriately? These guidance form the subject of our discussions here below.

The first part of our discussions aims at letting you know how to hook up the subwoofer to your car. The second on the other hand aims at letting you know how to wire the subwoofer after installation.

Get the necessary equipment and parts

Start off by assembling the necessary parts and equipment you will need for the job. These include the screwdrivers, some screws, hammer, pliers and small nails. It is definitely impossible to execute this task without the input and utilization of the stated tools-of-trade.

Install The Amplifier

car amplifier

After gathering the tools of trade necessary, you now have to go the extra mile of installing the amplifier. To do so, route the amplifier’s positive and negative wires securely and hide them. Follow this by installing a fuse near the battery.

While at it, ground the amplifier to the body of the car using bare metal connections. Finish off this procedure by attaching the remote lead to the remote wire at the stereo +12V accessory wire point.

Assemble/Prepare The Subwoofer

You now have to assemble and prepare the subwoofer for the subsequent role of operations. For you to be able to achieve this feat, you will have to mount it securely in the box using some strong and good screws. Thereafter, connect a grill to protect the cone.

After this, proceed to fix it in the vehicle and connect with some good wires to the amplifier. Lastly, wire the amplifier in the bridged mode for the sake of exuding more power output.

Connect The Audio Signal Source

With your subwoofer comprehensively assembled, it is now time to connect it to the audio signal source. The exact procedure for implementing this step will largely depend on the make and model of the subwoofer you have in your possession.

If yours is an aftermarket stereo, connect it to the rear or subwoofer RCA jacks. If however, yours is a factory stereo, tap off of rear speaker wires where accessible. Use a speaker-level adapter or speaker-level input to the amplifier is provided for the sake of establishing the appropriate connections.

Adjust Gain And Crossover

Your subwoofer is now good to go! Before you can start enjoying your music, you have to adjust the various settings. Play some music you are familiar with. Put some moderate volumes and also set low-pass crossover until the only kind of sound output exuded is the bass. Turn the amplifier gain from zero until the bass level is insufficient.

How To Wire A Subwoofer In A Car

How To Wire A Subwoofer In A Car

In this second segment of the discussions, we are going to demonstrate to you how to wire your subwoofer in the car. This is necessary because fixing the subwoofer in and of itself is insufficient. Follow these steps to actualize the goal:

Connect The Amplifier To The Power Supply

Start off by connecting the amplifier to the power supply system of the car. This is to stimulate your car’s head-unit starting and enable the system to commence playing. Be sure that the voltage requirements match to avoid the unintended likelihood of there being any damages to your entire system.

Identify The Cables

After making the connections above, you now have to identify the various cables. Locate the negative and the positive sub-woofer cables to be able to achieve this role. There is no standard way of doing this.

In all though, the positive cables are usually red in color whereas the negative ones are black. Refer to the manufacturer’s manual in case you are confused about this. Remember, faulty wiring may make a difference between life and death.

Establish The Necessary Connections

After identifying the cables correctly, you now have to go ahead to establish the necessary connections. Attach the left and right positive cables to the positive terminals. Similar, attach your left and right negative cables to the negative terminals. After finishing this step, you now have to proceed and finish attaching the remaining wires.

Wire The Subwoofer

As a final measure, you should wire the subwoofer to the amplifier. Simply identify the necessary output slot and then insert the jack. Plug in the power supply into the appropriate outlet and then have the sound streamed into your system. You may now go ahead to enjoy your music.


Wiring an amplifier is not so much of a difficult task as you might already have noted. It only requires a great deal of attentiveness to details coupled with some extra care. Consider practicing more often usually by carrying out mock wiring to gain the necessary expertise. We wish you all the best in your subsequent wiring process!

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