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Mobile Boat Detailing: Check 7 Basic Areas For Perfection

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Boats are necessitating to boost relaxation by exploring the most peaceful place on open water. There is a rule or tip that “anything that works for car detailing can work for Boat Detailing or mobile boat detailing.” The most likely marine transports and cars eventually regular cleaning for its longevity. Ignorance of taking care your vessel can face severe mutilation and reduce its utility. Superior quality maintenance can Enhance your vessel’s durability.

What Is Boat Detailing?

Boat Detailing

Marine vessels have two kinds of care – exterior and interior. Full boat Detail will make your transport looks very best to others whether you have hosted a party or sailing for a sunset view, the cruiser back to shore with a huge mess. Usually, marine vessels are used in salty water that is harmful to the metallic outer surface of the ship.

After every sailing, vessel should have been taken proper care of both the inner surface and outer surface, individuals must polish after removing salt corrosion from the outer surface. Boat Detailing means after consuming the whole washing process. Due to portability, mobile marine services become very popular among theowners.

  • Window Maintenance
  • Vacuum interior
  • Wash and wax exterior
  • Wipe down the whole Boat

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Do You Know About Mobile Boat Detailing?

No, maybe a little bit!! Make a call to a detailer, and they arrive in detail your yacht right on-site at your home/office/marina. Detailer brings essential washing purpose materials, brushes etc. on-site. Mainly Mobile boat detailer people also work for other vehicles.

What Are Checked

Hull Waxing

Waxing is so vital to remove oxidation. Boat detailer washed up exterior and wax with polymer paint sealant that makes sparkly & shiny. At minimum once a season yacht owner should hull waxing at springtime to keep gel coat and water line ready for exposure. Gelcoat cleaning by using a high-speed buffer to remove previous wax and oxidation.

Engine Room Clean Up

The engine room is the most crucial place to keep clean from greasy dirt. Take Industrial purple cleaner and degreaser on a brush and scrub gently with water and wipe.

Interior Checking

People talk about leather seat, but it is not leather. It’s vinal that’s made by one kind of synthetic material. Vinal can be different textures (heavy or light) and colours, but it’s artificial.

Non-abbresive scrab pad, pull strip brush and a less aggressive cleaner is good enough for brand new boat examine. The boat engineer figures out every inch for use in their boat design. At cleaning time you lift it and find a fresh compartment there.

Degreaser mostly uses for an engine clean, but vinyl upholstery dirt can remove by degreaser. The ratio is 3:1 or according to dust.

Interior cleaning consists of top to bottom maintenance service. Sink, head, walls, toilet, vacuuming or deep washing, wood polishing, removing stains from carpet, mirror, all hatches are includes—clean stubborn spots of the fibreglass floor with a fine spray and clean water. A beautiful room spay will make the Boat atmosphere heavenly feeling.


The muddiest and dirty boat cleaning required a pressure washer and a pump sprayer. Mix ratio is 25% bleach and 25% purple power mix up in the water for deck surface. Bleach could be harmful to your boat gel coat if you don’t know proper use. Make sure you shouldn’t let the bleach dry on your boat. Chose a cloudy day to avoid this situation.

Most of the Boat’s carpet is very harsh type carpet and to make it fresh is a little tight. Mix all-purpose cleaner in water and scrub with a brush. Finally, a microfiber towel can be used for dry. Sometimes acidic cleaner may use for stubborn marks.

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Outer Surface Cleaning

A pressure washer would be perfect for the external surface wash. All exterior railings, all window glasses, scrub upper and lower decks are included in top surface clean. Polish all stainless steel surfaces including bow rails, T-tops & fittings, ladders by woody wax
There are three types of Coats:

  • Gel coat
  • Clearcoat
  • Ceramic coat

Isinglass Cleaning

Isinglass got sandy watermarks on it that cleans up with purple power. The mixer measurement 1:3, 1% purple power and 3% water. Don’t spray direct, take a towel and spray on it and wipe the isinglass.

Garage Machine with microfiber pad is better than a wool pad or foam pad because these pads make too much heat. That causes scratch on isinglass. Microfiber pad does not make much heat or scratch at waxing.
Never wax isinglass in freezing temperature that causes isinglass crackdown.

Canvas Cleaning

Canvas cleaning once a season will make your yacht damp proof and zippers and stitching keeps free from spider nests.

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How Much Does Boat Detailing Cost?

mobile detailing prices

The pricing vary one company to another. Most of the detailing company take their service charge according to vessel size (per feet). This service provider company divided their washing service into four types with approximate costs:

  • Basic boat pressure wash—$5 per ft
  • Interior Details service——–$12 per ft
  • Interior and Exterior———$20-$25per ft
  • Exterior————————–$12-$15per ft

Professional Mobile Boat detailer charged $80-$100 for their hourly work.It would be wise to take more than one quote form different company for same service and products, then compare & decide for the optimum service. There are some blog to provide advise as well.

How Long Boat Detailing Takes

In some case, it depends on your Boat’s dirt or owner’s demand. Mobile Boat Detailer takes five hours for the whole detailing process.

How To Start Boat Detailing Business

  • Pressure washer (can be harmful to Boat if not follow user guide)
  • Pump sprayer
  • Foam cannon
  • Polisher with a microfiber pad
  • Polymer Paint Sealant
  • Orpine Wash & Wax Soap
  • Towels
  • Dawn
  • Interface pad
  • Woody wax
  • Alcohol
  • Purple Power
  • Magic erasers
  • Wash Brush
  • Waterproof boots
  • Heavy cut wool pad
  • Light cut wool pad
  • Waxing pad

Boat Detailing can be a great business as a profession. Think if you earn $100 per hour for mobile marine services, you are doing better than a lot more people out there. To start this business does not require a vast amount of money for heavy types of machinery that cost a lot.

Things that you need for Mobile Detailing

Must need machines for beginners detail business:

  1. FLEX 4301 VRG
  2. Makita Rotary Buffer
  3. Griot’s Garage Machine

Final Words

In One word Boat Detailing is a vacuum, wash the whole vessel, scrab with dishwasher (sometimes chemicals) again spray clean water at last wipe the Boat and wax. Coastline people can choose this service for their livelihood. Not necessary to spend time at 9 am-5 pm job. Mobile Boat Detailing service could be a fantastic potential without investing a large amount of money.

So, what you think is this help you out then please comment below.

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